DR Louizy Perdue - DR. Louzy Perdue in West Orange, NJ

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 comment

Worst doctor ever, no manners, refused to release my records, hang up on me when i call, she has some anger problems.She has no clue what she is doing, just want to charge money for nothing.

You better stay away from her, the only thing that she knows how to do is to cut people, she has no other solutions to any problems. WATCH OUT WATCH OUT WATCH OUT.

She should be stripped of her license, she so horrible, probably her rich father bought her license, but on her own she has no clue what she is doing.Watch out

Review about: Health.


West Park, California, United States #25312

Call the state licensing board and lodge a complaint... refusal to release records is a BIG DEAL to them!

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